Brendan is ready for BIG school

* Financial support for young Brendan
* Spastic Diplegic Cerebral Palsy

New school, new wheels …

Mum Natalie – “Brendan is a happy 11 year old little boy who is extremely cheeky and mischievous but unfortunately he was born with spastic diplegic cerebral palsy and has extremely tight muscle tone in his legs and due to this he is a full time wheelchair user and cannot walk or transfer etc.
He uses a stander daily at school to help with his muscle tone but the rest of the day he’s in his manual chair provided by the NHS.
Brendan is due to start secondary school in September and as the building is so big it has been advised that he is to have a powered wheelchair to be able to independently get around the building and from class to class in time, however i have been informed that new rules in place mean the NHS are no longer able to provide us with this as he can only either have the powered or the manual, not both.
It is important that Brendan has a powered chair for school as he will tire far to quickly if having to self propel around such a big building himself and also its more than likely won’t get to his classes on time because of this.
We cannot opt to have only the powered chair because of our house and car but also because we don’t want his arm muscle tone to decrease due to relying on a powered chair, any help you can be would be greatly appreciated”

It was originally agreed that Nice 2b Nice would match fund any fundraising the family did to provide Brendan with the chair he needs which came in at a cost of over £3000 however after visits from specialists and health workers an alternative became available of attaching a motor to his original chair making it not only cheaper but more realistic in achieving our goals of getting him what he needs.

It was our pleasure today in safely delivering not only the new motor Brendan needs but have this attached to a brand new wheelchair for him; along with this was a few Easter treats for him and his siblings and as a Playstation mad gamer Brendan got a new gaming chair just for being awesome.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all that donated to Brendans original fundraising page and our supporters who have ultimately made this financially possible but also a very special firm called ‘Mobility Smart’…

After making payment for the motor I was made aware by the seller that it wouldn’t fit the chair Brendan already has however rather then refunding our money or trying to up-sell us a more suitable chair they made contact to say they would fund one for him and not only that but attach it for him too…… good is that?
Trust me this doesn’t happen often so hats off to all at Mobility Smart, thank you x

Enjoy the new independence Brendan, it was an absolute pleasure to meet you.

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David Freer
Nice 2b Nice Founder
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