Financial support for young Evie-Mae


When two other charities and a health service worker made contact asking for help we just couldn’t say no to supporting young Evie-Mae, she’s adorable 💖

Speaking with mum she goes on to say the following about her daughters condition: “Evie-Mae is 20 months old and was diagnosed with Rett syndrome in December 2018 and just lays in the same spot and isn’t capable of sitting, crawling, walking, talking or anything that a healthy baby should be doing.
Evie has regressed which means she has lost all skills she once developed she will never be able to walk, talk or ever be independent; Evie would really benefit from a sensory play area where she can lay and play as she likes to be left alone in her own space. She has a 8 month old sister that tries to climb on her and pull her glasses off if she is laid on the floor. Evie would really Benefit from any sensory equipment and this private space”

Well giving Evie-Mae some private space and the equipment she needs to enhance her sensory experience is just what we did. Today we provided her with her very own soft play area, a huge bubble wall, LED cude, fibre optic cables and many more items that will help improve her awareness of the environment she’s in.

A huge thanks as always to all that support us which ultimately allows us to provide this equipment which for Evie-Mae came in at over £1250 …. THANK YOU 😊


David Freer
Founder – Nice 2b Nice
LFK supported
UK charity 1136410