A huge thanks to Omar for coming to our rescue

Followers of Nice 2b Nice and the four services we provide will know that our holiday home Phoebes Lodge is used throughout the year to give children living with illness and their families some much needed time away either from hospital or the relentless routine they go through at home in return giving them some much needed time together as a family and the ability to make some lovely memories together.

As with most holiday home sites each year they shut down for a number of weeks and it was at this time when returning to the caravan we notices that the bedroom had a serious case of damp resulting in the shutting down of Phoebes Lodge and cancelling the first few families due to stay.

As a small charity to replace the floor, carpets and even side units along with the resealing of the van to prevent such a thing happening again would of come at a huge cost, something as a small charity we can’t cope with however thanks to Omar we now have new carpets covering the repaired floor and two new side cabinets.

A huge thanks to Chris at their Hedon Road site for organising the support and to the lads who came on the day in their own time to fit it for us.

The support from Omar along with other firms including, Patrington Haven Leisure Park, has allowed us to continue making the smiles we do at Phoebes Lodge and for that i truly can’t thank you all enough – Thank you

All that have helped will get a separate thank you via our social media and website platform however for now, Omar THANK YOU


David Freer

Founder – Nice 2b Nice

Life for a Kid supported – UK Charity 1136410