Some peace of mind for baby Hope

Some lovely feedback from Hopes mum on what must be a really stressful time for them all; fingers crossed we’ve taken away some of that stress.

Mums feedback:
“Just want to say a massive thank you to David Freer at Nice 2b Nice for purchasing hope the owlet sock, she is oxygen dependent again after catching another respiratory tract infection and bronchitis on top of all her other medical issues this hits Hope really hard and she really struggles to get over things, she has been clinically diagnosed with chronic lung disease which in time she should out grow this 🤞🏻, this sock is an absolute god send not only for use now while she is on oxygen but so we know when she requires oxygen again once she comes off it and allows us more time to get medical advice rather than been an emergency like we just had after needing to phone 999 for an ambulance, it doesn’t disturb hopes or her twin sisters sleep when it’s alarmed just comes through to us parents through out mobile phones and alerts the base with a red flashing light, already this evening it has alarmed us that hopes oxygen needed tweaking up once she fell in to a deep sleep, this is going to make us more at ease and feel safe knowing hope is ok at all times when wearing the sock, it makes it safer for her when she is in bed rather than all the wires that comes with the massive hospital monitors (which may I add prob wake my neighbours up too it’s that loud)
We honestly cannot thank this charity enough everything they do for my girls and more children around the city is just outstanding and it’s all down to you Dave and the effort you put in day in day out to help others around you so thank you once again” 💗💗

This is our second wave of support for the family and it’s been made very clear that should they or the girls need anything to make life that little bit easier then we’re just a click away. Xx

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David Freer xx