Peace of mind in difficult times…

* Financial support for baby Toby

Peace of mind in difficult times…

A little bit about Toby as told by Mum:

“Toby was born with a congenital heart disease called ‘hypo-plastic right heart syndrome’ double inlet left ventricle, large vsd and critical pulmonary stenosis ARC origin.
This means the right side of his heart hasn’t grown as it should and he will need open heart surgery at least twice to make his circulation go from the left side of his heart so he will have half a heart.
As a result Toby’s oxygen levels can be as low as 75 and if they keep dropping it can be a sign that his heart is failing.
Life expectancy is less then a healthy child and may not reach adult hood before needing a heart transplant.
On top of all this Toby has severe reflux disease which he’s on lots of medication for and a special milk which is also going to require surgery for after he’s had his first open heart surgery; Toby has been diagnosed with a unsafe swallow and asperation so is fully nil by mouth and tube fed as asperating to his lungs can be life threatening. He’s been tested for osteogenisis imperfecta and di george syndrome and undergoes regular physio as the right side of his neck/head is stiff and flat”

To take some of the stress away from mum and dad Nice 2b Nice today donated an Owlet Sock 2 which will allow them to monitor Toby’s levels with the peace of mind that should anything of concern be happening they will be alerted immediately and can seek the appropriate medical attention for him; we also agreed with the family that any further help Toby needs we will be on hand to support them.

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David Freer
Nice 2b Nice Founder
Life for a Kid supported
UK charity 1136410