Some peace of mind for the parents of Carmen

It was an absolute pleasure that earlier today we got to deliver not only an important piece of equipment to young Carmen but some much needed peace of mind for her parents who before today lived with the worry of not knowing if their daughters heart was beating properly.

Eleven week old Carmen has what’s called SVT or more formally known as ‘Super Ventricular Tachycardia’ meaning she has an abnormal heart rate.

As a family through their own fundraising and now with the support of Nice 2b Nice we managed to support Carmen with an Owlet Sock which monitors and warns them of any changes to Carmens heart rate and provide her with some sensory equipment to stimulate her senses.

Speaking with mum she went on to say:
“I really don’t know what to say, I’m beyond greatful. The sock will warn us if her heart was to go any higher than normal rhythm which means we could get her the help as soon as possible before she gets to the stage she was before. Thank you so much, it is a massive weight off our shoulders”

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Awareness on
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David Freer
Founder – Nice 2b Nice
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